Ariel Atom – Passenger Laps

Every so often something comes along which changes the way we think. Nobody knows it at the time but it will become an icon. The Ariel Atom is such a product. No doors, no roof, no compromise. It's unique, it's original and nothing else comes close. Nothing at all. Form following function and design with a purpose. Race car engineering and quality components outclassing every car in its field. In performance the Atom surpasses practically any vehicle. Serious motor sport or ultimate fun, the Atom delivers. It really is like nothing else on wheels.

It's the car that's probably most famous for drastically improving the look of Jeremy Clarkson's face!  We've all seen the picture, so now is the time to strap on a helmet, and get out in one of the fastest cars that will be on display!

Please note that vouchers must be purchased for this activity and are available beside the track.

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