Driftland’s Legendary Drift Taxi’s

When you arrive at the drift taxi track, you will be greeted by our staff and given a safety and information briefing where we can answer all your questions about the experience. Then, choose a helmet and we'll get you strapped into one of our specially-prepared cars ready for your high-speed experience! Our driver will take  you for three adrenalin-filled laps of the track - powering into corners completely sideways and exiting in a haze of screaming engine and screeching tyres. Buckled in tight, you get the chance to feel what drifting is like from the heart of the action. Experience the track's undulations, exhilarating race along the straights,  and be breath-taken as the driver brakes heavily into our final corner section.

The drift taxi's have been immensely popular, so we advise purchasing a voucher early in the day for this one.  They are available from the drift taxi pit area, as well as at the main stunt track.

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  1. What's minimum age allowable for this?
    • admin
      The minimum age limit is 12 years for the drift taxis For the super cars the minimum age is 8 with some height restrictions.

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